Limited Benefits

Coverage when you need it most.

Unlike traditional major medical plans where a member must first satisfy an annual deductible before he/she is eligible to receive benefit payments, our Fixed Indemnity Medical Plans allow members to receive a flat dollar amount for covered health care services, regardless of what the medical provider charges. When a sickness or injury occurs, the Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan can provide support at a time when it is needed most.

There are no pre-existing condition limitations on the Fixed Indemnity Medical Plans.

Plan designs and availability vary by state.

Most plans include, but are not limited to, coverage for:

  • Wellness Care
  • Prescription Drugs (Indemnity plans do not include prescription benefits in California.)
  • Outpatient Fixed Indemnity Benefits
    • Physician Office Visit
    • Diagnostic Lab
    • Diagnostic X-Ray
    • Ambulance Services
    • Emergency Room
    • Outpatient Surgery
    • Anesthesiology
    • Inpatient Fixed Indemnity Benefits
      • Standard Care
      • Intensive Care
      • Inpatient Surgery
      • Anesthesiology
      • Skilled Nursing



    Fixed indemnity medical benefit plans are a supplement to health insurance. They are not a substitute for essential health benefits or minimum essential coverage as defined by federal health law. If you do not have other health insurance coverage, you may be subject to a tax penalty. Please consult with your tax advisor for more information.

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