ACA Plans

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and MEC+ Plans

Specifically designed for temporary, part-time, or variable hour classified employees that are not eligible for major medical health insurance plans.

An Alternative to High Cost

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Wellness/Preventive Benefit Plans are cost-effective plans that provide an alternative to the high costs of health care. MEC+ plans cover everything a MEC plan does, and some additional health care services for a slightly higher fee.

Covered Preventive Health Services

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates which preventive services must be included in a MEC plan. There are three sets of free preventive services. Select the links below to see a list of covered services for each group.

For Adults


  • Cholesterol screening for adults of certain ages or at higher risk
  • Colorectal cancer screening for adults 45 to 75
  • Immunizations and vaccinations 

See list of full services for adults

For Women Only


  • Screening during pregnancy for anemia, bacteriuria, syphilis, Rh incompatibility
  • Screenings for breast and cervical cancers, as well as Breast Cancer Genetic Testing (BRCA)
  • Contraception

See list of full services for women

For Children


  • Vaccinations
  • Autism screening at 18 and 24 months
  • Behavioral assessments for children from birth through age 17

See full list of services for children


NOTE: A Fixed Indemnity Medical plan must be offered in order to obtain stop loss coverage.

Minimum Value Plans (MVP)

Plans for Large Groups

Enrollment in a Minimum Value Plan (MVP) meets certain employer/employee shared requirements under Affordable Care Act (ACA). The MVP helps the employee through elimination of an employee’s Individual Tax Mandate. These plans are designed to provide coverage for all services mandated by the ACA as well as having expanded benefits for doctor visits, prescriptions and hospitalizations.

The MVP must be offered alongside a Fixed Indemnity Medical plan.