Carrier Administration

Building off our model of providing flexible administrative solutions with top-level service, PAI’s broad portfolio has included administration of programs for fully-insured carriers since 2004. Our approach is to collaborate with our carrier partners to develop an administrative approach that supports the carrier’s business needs. PAI offers carrier partners a full menu of administrative services, from “back room” claims and customer service, to enrollment support and marketing/member communication design and production.

Examples of PAI’s current administration for fully-insured carriers:

  • Partnered with multiple national carriers to offer limited benefit medical programs to part-time and hourly workers on a payroll deduction premium basis. Developed the administrative tools to match member eligibility to payroll deductions on a weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly basis.
  • Served as the national administrator for a top 10 insurer.
  • Partnered with a top insurer to administer for a select group of accounts.

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