PAI Analytics

The Answer to Your Analytics Questions

Given the broad exposure to health care information on the web, its questionable authenticity, and media coverage of the health care industry pitfalls, it comes as no surprise that offering a health benefit plan has become one of the single largest costs and concerns for employers.

The Ultimate Question

How can an employer turn the tide and drive preferred health benefit outcomes rather than just be subjected to them?

The Ultimate Answer

PAI Analytics. PAI Analytics is an integrated suite of tools on a single platform allowing an employer to crunch big data into the bite-size pieces needed to drive cost savings and make the most of a health benefit plan design. Easily accessible through PAISC.COM and the Employers tab, PAI Analytics enhanced reporting capability allows a decision-maker the opportunity to gauge the real-time performance of a benefits plan.

Robust reporting designed to your preferences

  • Dashboard with summary graphics
  • Benchmarking to compare against national data
  • Segmentation of risk categories, making higher risk more visible
  • Utilization metrics, flexibility
  • Chronic condition tracking to target wellness program education
  • Distribution of your group’s health care expenses
  • Month to month medical trend analysis

These more precise views and enhanced reporting means more informed decision making when it comes to identifying what is and isn’t working for you or your employees. Accompanied by the targeted solutions available through PAI, you can focus your health benefit dollars to drive down areas of high cost for both the employer and the employee.