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PAI Expands Partnership with Smart Data Solutions

April 1, 2024

PAI is expanding its partnership with Smart Data Solutions (SDS) for AI- and automation-driven clearinghouse services, marking a significant milestone in our collaboration.

The new end-to-end clearinghouse and EDI gateway solution, with the AI- and automation-powered platform, fosters seamless connections between PAI and its clients. SDS platform’s ecosystem leverages AI, advanced analytics, and process efficiencies to optimize the healthcare transaction lifecycle, including 837 and 835 clearing, provider enrollment, and real-time eligibility and claim status inquiries.

The decision to collaborate with SDS on this transformative engagement was initiated earlier, as part of our ongoing efforts to streamline the processing with AI and automation. However, we accelerated the implementation due to the recent cyberattack.

In just 14 days, SDS will deploy the AI-driven clearinghouse services and ensure we provide uninterrupted services to our clients.
SDS AI technology will ensure seamless processing that exceeds industry standards with:

  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Real-time data services
  • An automated, scalable platform to manage increased volume
  • Dedicated support team

This gateway transition is a prime example of the relationship we have shared with SDS for close to 20 years. Whenever we have approached them with a new need, they have always come through. 

— George Stiles, PAI President and COO