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Humira Biosimilars Update (2023)

August 3, 2023

Humira Biosimilars Update

Members with PAI’s pharmacy benefit coverage with OptumRx, we will be adding Hadlima and Adalimumab-adaz—biosimilar options for Humira—to some of our formularies as preferred brand specialty products, effective October 1, 2023.

What are Humira biosimilars?
Biosimilars have been gaining significant prominence in the pharmaceutical landscape. Hadlima and Adalimumab-adaz are biologic medications designed to be highly similar to Humira (adalimumab). They were developed to have comparable safety and efficacy profiles while offering more cost-effective alternatives.

Biosimilars are not generics but are close replicas of the original biologic, which is a complex protein made using living cells. Humira biosimilars have been increasingly approved and marketed in the United States. As of July 2023, there have been nine Humira biosimilars launched with more in the pipeline.

What is changing?
Upon review of the specific formulations available and pricing, the following are the two deemed to best meet our members’ needs and are amongst the lowest list-price Humira biosimilar products available.

Hadlima (manufactured by Organon)
•    Currently available as 40mg/0.4mL and 40mg/0.8mL prefilled syringes and auto-injector pens (high and low concentrations)
•    Manufacturer offers patient financial assistance program

Adalimumab-adaz (manufactured by Sandoz)
•    Currently available as 40mg/0.4mL autoinjector pens and prefilled syringes (only high concentration)
•    Unbranded
•    Manufacturer offers patient financial assistance program

Who is affected by this change?
•    PAI groups that use the Lowest Net Cost (LNC) Formulary.

What are the takeaways?
As Humira biosimilars gain momentum in the market, they present valuable treatment options for members with chronic inflammatory conditions. We encourage healthcare providers to consider the use of Humira biosimilars when appropriate. The market for Humira biosimilars continues to evolve; staying informed about these medications is crucial to make well-informed decisions regarding patient care and formulary management.