My Benefits Manager FAQs

My Benefits ManagerSM Member Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What are the My Benefits Manager Member Portal features?

Within the Member Portal you have access to:

  • View your plan document and benefit summaries
  • Print, view, request an ID card, or download a PDF version to share
  • Find a network health care provider
  • Access your claims and explanation of benefits
  • View current deductible and out of pocket balances
  • Access your pharmacy benefits
  • View member discounts and value-add programs
What happens if I forget my username or password?

If you forget your username or password, it can be reset through the Forgot your username or password feature. 

On the Login page, click Forgot your username or password? Enter your account information, and answer the security questions. 

When the password is reset, you will be returned to the Login page. An email will be sent to your attention confirming the change.

What if my login attempt fails?

If you tried to login and your login attempt failed, you will need to wait 15 seconds before attempting to login again. Every failed login attempt will add an additional 15 seconds of wait time. The delays are cumulative and another 15 seconds of wait time gets added before another login attempt can be successful.

You can use the Forgot your username or password feature to quickly reset password for immediate access.

Can I see my dependents’ information?

As the member, your registered dependent(s) are listed under your account. However, due to HIPAA privacy rules, you or any of your family members are not able to view online claims information for your spouse or any dependent(s) over age 16 without their consent. 

The Claims Access Authorization option on the home screen allows the member to grant (or deny) access to other family members to see their health care claims or eligibility. 

To use the Claims Access Authorization, your spouse and each dependent age 16 or over on the plan MUST FIRST create their own member account. Once this is completed, the member and the spouse can use the Claims Access Authorization feature to request access to your dependents’ accounts to view claims.

By default, all members can see their own information and any dependent under 16. A member’s spouse can see their own information and any dependent under age 16. Dependents can only see their own information. You can see your covered dependents’ information unless we have been contacted and asked not to share their information.

Can I see my past claims and historical information?

Yes. Your current and two years of historical claims information will be available in the portal.

Can I see pending claims?

Claims will only appear on the portal once they are completely processed. 

What do I do if I have a question on a processed claim?

Click on a processed claim and click "I have a question about this claim." From there you will be able to send your inquiry via email to PAI Customer Service. You can expect a response email within 24 to 48 hours. You will know you have a reply message when a number appears in the box at the top of the page. The number shown indicates the number of messages in your box.

Can I request a new Member ID card for my spouse and dependent(s)?

The subscriber, spouse and adult dependents age 16 or over can request a new Member ID card, for themselves or dependents. To request a new Member ID card, the member should login to their account and select View/Print ID Cards in the Quick Links bar on the right side of the page. Once there, select Request a New Card. 

Note: The Member ID card displays the subscriber’s name, not individual member names.

How long does it take to get my Member ID card after I request one online?

Please allow two weeks for delivery of your new Member ID card by mail.

Can I share a picture of my Member ID card with a Provider?

Yes, but only after downloading the PDF version of the card. 

To print a temporary paper copy of your Member ID card, log in to your account and select View/Print ID Cards in the Quick Links bar on the right side of the page. 

Is there a mobile app?

Yes. Download the MyPAI app today from the App Store or Play Store.

Note: When searching for this app, be sure to include the space between the words “My” and “PAI.” To ensure successful mobile app usage, your device must be capable of accommodating software updates. Some older models may no longer be capable of running this more current mobile application.