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Offering Better Business Process Outsourcing Since 2004

White-Labeled Administration Services With PAI

At Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI), we work closely with our partners by providing additional services like business process outsourcing. Since 2004, we've helped more than 2,000,000 people stay updated about their healthcare choices by working with clients to handle some or all their administrative functions.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing is when a third party administrator (TPA), like PAI, helps businesses by handling specific tasks for them. These tasks can include functions such as processing claims, answering customer questions, helping people sign up for benefits, creating member communication, and designing and distributing ID cards.

When businesses collaborate with us, they can focus on their strengths while we handle other day-to-day tasks in the background. Our team uses our skills, technology, and resources to do things quickly and efficiently, saving our clients time and money while ensuring smooth operations.

Better Business Process Outsourcing Starts with PAI

It's important to find the right partner for administrative tasks like answering phones or paying claims. Look for a partner who can grow with you, knows the ins and outs of claims technology, and keeps information safe and secure. Read on to discover why our services are a step above the rest.

My Benefits Manager

Our secure portal, My Benefits Manager, connects carriers and members to all the tools they need to manage benefits. It is a single secure source for information about specific benefit plans.
Members can use the My Benefits Manager portal to:

  • Find an in-network provider.
  • View plan documents.
  • View benefit summaries.
  • Access claims and explanation of benefits (EOB).
  • Print, view, or request ID cards.
  • Access pharmacy benefits.
  • View discounts and value-added programs.

Visit My Benefits Manager Portal 

Customer Service 

TPAs are important for businesses because they provide comprehensive customer support services. These include answering member questions, assisting with problems, and helping both the businesses and the people they serve.

At PAI, we use our expertise to give fast and helpful support, improving client happiness and operational efficiency. Our clients can rely on us to take care of their employees, which lets their leaders concentrate on other important tasks while members get great service.

Each month, our devoted customer service team works to meet or exceed these performance standards:

  • An average speed of answer (ASA) of less than 30 seconds.
  • Abandon rate of less than 4%.
  • First call resolution greater than 95%.

Our customer service is a step above others. We provide:

  • A core team of customer service advocates who have access to Language Line Assistance with more than 144 language translations available. 
  • Recordings and logs for all calls.

Technology and Claims Processing

We use a customized suite of technology to handle claims and eligibility processing according to carriers’ rules. PAI uses a unique system for claims, and our eligibility team deals with tricky eligibility information without causing issues for members. 

Our claims team also has a personal touch, using experienced processors to process claims timely and accurately. PAI is committed to meeting high standards:

  • 98% of all claims are processed in 30 calendar days.
  • 98% overall claims processing accuracy.  
  • 99% financial accuracy.

Take a Step Above the Rest With PAI

At PAI, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch administrative support for our clients and their members. To learn more about our business process outsourcing services, reach out. Our team is always happy to answer your questions. 

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