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Making Employee Benefits Better

The Power of PAI's Partnership with First Stop Health

Since 2019, the increased need for virtual care options has become more evident than ever. Employers are searching for ways to limit healthcare spending while still providing quality benefits for their employees. Now, PAI’s partnership with First Stop Health, a leader in telemedicine, is transforming the way employees access healthcare, leading to improved health outcomes and better cost containment.

Quality Care: Anytime, Anywhere

Employees experience seamless access to quality doctors, all from the comfort of home. They can schedule virtual primary care visits and receive 24/7 doctor support for urgent care needs, such as sinus infections, sore throats, UTIs, and other minor illnesses, for a $0 consultation fee. Additionally, patients will always be connected with a doctor in 3 minutes or less. 

First Stop Health owns and operates its network, ensuring doctors have been board-certified for at least five years and specialize in emergency, internal, and family medicine. Additionally, doctors can write prescriptions during the consultation and send them to the pharmacy of choice of the member.

Virtual Mental Health

First Stop Health also offers access to mental health services. Licensed counselors can help with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. Counselors are available 24/7 and appointments can be scheduled within three days, compared to the national wait time of six weeks.1 Plus, First Stop Health doctors can refer patients to in-network professionals from the member’s medical plan.

The Push to Virtual Care 

A true trailblazer in the telemedicine industry, First Stop Health has a 45% employee utilization rate, showing the effectiveness and increasing popularity of virtual care options. 
Employers who implement First Stop Health ensure that their employees can receive timely, quality care without outrageous out-of-pocket costs. 

Beyond Just Scheduling Appointments 

First Stop Health supports various engagement strategies, including personalized employee messaging, an intuitive online dashboard, and quarterly reporting. This allows employers to measure engagement and performance, helping their employees get the most out of their company-provided benefits. 

Performance Guarantees: A Testament to Quality

First Stop Health takes pride in its commitment to providing benefits that deliver tangible results and offers first-of-its-kind guarantees: 

      25% ROI Guarantee*

$317 Savings Per Visit

Guaranteed results, or FSH will refund the differenceAverage employer savings per diverted healthcare claim

First Stop Health's Virtual Primary Care, Virtual Urgent Care, and Virtual Mental Health solutions are designed to provide high-quality, high-value care that empowers individuals to feel better faster. This leads to healthier, happier employees and contributes to improved employee retention, ultimately improving the bottom line. 

PAI is proud to partner with First Stop Health to offer unparalleled access to quality healthcare services from home. The future of employee benefits looks brighter (and more comfortable) than ever. 

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*For every $1 spent on FSH Telemedicine, guarantees $1.25 in real savings. It’s the same as achieving a 25% ROI, but FSH guarantees the savings, or they refund the difference