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Exploring Broker Hurdles

In the world of health insurance, brokers and benefit advisors face a myriad of challenges. From provider network agreements and plan customization requests to healthcare comprehension and client retention gaps, these health-maze guides bear the weight of navigating an industry that is always in flux.

Provider Network Limitations

Striking a balance between what a client wants and network constraints can be a major challenge. Often, clients must choose to compromise on their preferred providers or facilities, ultimately leading to dissatisfaction. As guides, brokers look for solutions that ensure clients receive optimal care despite the intricate network maze.

Did You Know? 

When you work with PAI, you have access to an extensive network, ensuring your clients have options to meet their specific needs.

When you partner with PAI, you gain a powerful ally to help offer broader, tailored provider network options. With more than 40 years of expertise, we’ve established relationships with a broad range of healthcare providers, ultimately mitigating normal network restrictions. Additionally, our negotiation skills are second to none and help secure better rates and service access, resulting in more competitive benefits for your employer groups.  

Plan Customization

Brokers must carefully craft tailored plans, demanding a deep understanding of the individual needs of clients and covered employees while working within the confines of pre-set options. Each client has unique needs that can be difficult to align with what’s readily available on the market.

Creating a customized plan can be frustrating and arduous, but it is ultimately a coveted element in our industry. PAI is proud to offer plan customization for employers to fit their needs, enabling brokers to fine-tune benefit plans to streamline the process and meet their clients’ demands.

Healthcare Literacy Gap

Often, brokers find themselves bridging the healthcare literacy gap, having to decode intricate medical jargon and complex policy details, all while ensuring clients comprehend their coverage options. Misunderstandings, misinformed decisions, and underutilization of available benefits are all too common. Brokers undertake the challenging task of guiding clients through insurance options and serving as educators to narrow the knowledge gap and empower members to make informed choices for their health and wellness.

Our broker partners are equipped with above-industry educational resources and tools. We offer materials to simplify healthcare terms and processes to bridge the healthcare literacy gap within your client base. Members can also access a glossary of health coverage and medical terms, our Live Well Blog,  and various guides to make sense of member EOB and plan perks.

Client Retention

Client retention is a perpetual challenge for brokers. The competitive nature of our industry makes it important to adjust to fluctuating preferences from clients quickly. To brokers, continuously proving value, offering tailored solutions, and ensuring seamless experiences all become paramount. Thus, retention becomes a bit of a balancing act, where brokers strive to acquire new clients and also nurture existing partnerships.

Did You Know?

PAI helps brokers retain clients by providing comprehensive support, innovative solutions, and responsive services that enhance the client relationship by fostering trust and value.

The PAI team is proud to aid brokers in maintaining client loyalty and ensuring long-term partnerships. We are here to help brokers exceed the expectations of their clients with enhanced service quality, personalized member support, and swift issue resolution paths.  

Although provider network limitations, plan customization, healthcare literacy gaps, and client retention are all challenges brokers face, it is not an exhaustive list. If you’d like to talk more about the roadblocks brokers face, and how PAI can help, reach out!



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