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Direct Primary Care

What is DPC?

Direct primary care (DPC) is hassle-free, high-quality primary care. It aims to treat the whole patient, rather than simply their symptoms. It’s proactive, in that its goal is whole-person health and well-being. This model is intended to improve healthcare affordability and access to primary care for a flat fee that covers a variety of primary care costs for employees. As a result, DPC is a more affordable and cost-effective option that saves members and employers 20% or more on their coverage.

A DPC model saves employers money by reducing healthcare costs, promoting preventive care, and decreasing employee absenteeism. This results in a healthier and more productive workforce, which ultimately contributes to the company's bottom line.

What are the benefits of DPC?

  • Improved Accessibility: DPC ensures easy access to primary healthcare services, allowing employees to seek timely medical attention. This helps in early detection and management of health conditions, leading to healthier employees and a more productive workforce.
  • Enhanced Employee Retention and Attraction: Offering DPC as a benefit can increase job satisfaction and help attract and retain high performing employees. As a rule of thumb, employees value companies that invest in their health and well-being.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: Easy access to primary care can lead to better management of chronic conditions and reduced sick days. This not only benefits employees but also translates into increased productivity and cost savings for employers.
  • Personalized Care: DPC focuses on building strong patient-provider relationships. This enables providers to better understand their patients' needs and provide customized care plans, enhancing the overall healthcare experience for employees.
  • Increased Focus on Preventive Care: DPC emphasizes preventive care and regular check-ups, helping employees maintain good health and avoid costly medical procedures in the long run. With more time to spend with patients and health coaching support, DPC providers can focus on nutrition and lifestyle changes that promote good health.
  • Contained Costs: DPC offers an affordable addition to traditional insurance-based healthcare. With a monthly membership fee, businesses can save on healthcare costs while providing comprehensive primary care services to their employees.
  • Coordinated Care: The DPC care team collaborates, especially for patients with complex conditions, to manage care and prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and inpatient utilization, saving costs and improving health outcomes.

What to consider when choosing DPC?

With its patient-centric focus and low costs, DPC is a good option for businesses, but with any decision regarding health and wellbeing, careful consideration is necessary to ensure you’re making the right healthcare choice for you and your employees.

It’s crucial for employers to consider their own goals as they examine the available options, assess the touted benefits, and search for transparency in their choice of healthcare vendor. To assist employers in this decision-making process, we’ve answered three frequently asked questions below.

Who benefits from DPC?
DPC is perfect for employers of any size and is also available for individual and family-based memberships.

How accessible is DPC in my area?
Always consider the availability of DPC practices in your area and understand what is included in their membership.

Do I still need health insurance if I have a direct primary care membership?
Yes. It is recommended for DPC members to treat DPC as a supplement to their employee health insurance plan, rather than a substitute, in case of emergencies or specialty referrals.

What’s next for DPC?

An exciting DPC partnership, Proactive Total Care, is a new type of DPC health plan. Designed to optimize employee population health and impact total cost of care, this partnership pairs PAI’s comprehensive knowledge of self-funded plans with Proactive MD’s world-class direct primary care offering. With the Proactive Total Care health plan, members have access to OptumRx® pharmacy benefits, South Carolina’s preferred provider network, and Proactive MD’s South Carolina network of Direct Primary Care Health Centers. Choosing Proactive Total Care means employers can seamlessly opt into DPC with a solution where DPC is baked into the health plan.

Through the Proactive Total Care health plan, members will experience the Proactive MD difference that focuses on:

  • Strong patient-provider relationships with extended appointment times
  • Constant care team connection through virtual and after-hours care
  • Robust care coordination with onsite care coordinators that guide patients through the entire healthcare continuum
  • Onsite prescription management and lab services
  • Community resource navigation, behavioral health support, and lifestyle counseling
  • And many other services

As the exclusive primary care partner of the Proactive Total Care health plan, Proactive MD and PAI provide comprehensive primary care services to all plan members, leading to a healthier and more productive workforce. Give your team the benefit everyone is talking about, reset your expenditure, and try a new path. Contact us to learn more.