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New Preferred Specialty Pharmacy Name

April 27, 2020

Effective immediately, the preferred specialty pharmacy for PAI will be known as Optum Specialty Pharmacy, formerly BriovaRx. Optum Specialty Pharmacy is a service provided by OptumRx, an independent company that provides pharmacy benefit management services on behalf of your health plan. Materials and correspondence from PAI referring to the specialty pharmacy have already begun to reflect the new name.

Optum made this decision last year as an effort to simplify the patient and provider experience. According to OptumRx, “This alignment with the Optum brand will enable a more seamless patient and provider experience, avoid confusion, and continue to focus on integrated clinical capabilities and exceptional support.”

Optum’s rebranding efforts began in October 2019 and continue into this year. Because our PBM transition was well underway, PAI made the decision to maintain the BriovaRx branding until early in 2020.

This is a change in name only. Patient and provider experience and day-to-day interactions will remain the same. During the transition, members may see both the BriovaRx and Optum brands on various materials and products. Prescription labels and facility signage will change as the licenses for various individual Optum Specialty pharmacies are updated.

No action is required. Patients and providers will be kept informed about ongoing changes by Optum. This includes notifications in pharmacy packaging, online messages in portals, and direct interaction with regional account managers and customer service professionals.