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Folic Acid / Folate Vitamin Exclusion

September 4, 2018

By contract, pharmacy benefit coverage does not include multivitamin products. However, we have been covering several folic acid/folate vitamin products that should have been considered benefit exclusions. Beginning Nov. 1, 2018, these products will no longer be covered. As of that date, members who continue to have prescriptions filled for these products will pay the full price.

Please note: This exclusion does NOT apply to prenatal vitamins.

The following products will be excluded as of Nov. 1.


Abatrex  Airavite  Allanfol Rx Animi-3Animi-3/Vitamin D  Av-Vite FB 
B Complex/Folic Acid

BP Vit 3
BP Vit 3 Plus

 B-Serene  Btrex  Calafol Rx
 Cardiotek Rx  Cenfol  Ciferex  Cifrazol  Combgen

D 1000 Plus
D 1000 Plus Aloe

 Dermacinrx Purefolix  Divista  Durachol
 Fabb  Folbalin  Folbee  Folcaps  Folene

Foleve Plus

RxFolgard Rx 2.2

 Folic Acid Xtra  Folic Acid/B-6/B-12  Folic Acid/Cyanocobalamin
 Foli-D  Folika-D  Folinic-Plus  Folixapure  Folnate
 Folpace Rx

Folplex 2.2

 Foltabs 800  Foltx  Homocysteine Formula
 Intrinsi B12/Folate  Millguard

Mi-Omega NF

 Myo Vyt  Noxifol-D

Ortho D
Ortho DF

 Pre-Folic  Revesta  Roxifol-D
 Rx Essentials Antidepress  Rx Essentials Arthritis  Rx Essentials Cholesterol  Rx Essentials Diabetes  Rx Essentials Heartburn/Acid
 Rx Support Heartburn/Acid  Taliva  TL Gard Rx  Virt-Gard  Virt-Vite
 Vitamez  Zavara  Zolate    


Member Communications: We will send notification letters to impacted members.