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CVS closings due to hurricane

September 12, 2018

Currently the retail team at CVS Pharmacy is working to ensure PAI members have their supply of prescriptions before the storm hits.  Due to mandatory evacuations, there are 71 stores closed along the East Coast and the list will change as the forecasts are updated. CVS’s Enterprise Resiliency and Response team has connected with state and federal emergency management offices in order to ensure their ability to serve customers.

CVS’s mobile pharmacy is positioned and ready to move into the impacted areas if needed and when it is safe to do so. CVS has changed service to their pharmacies to get product into their stores for customers trying to get ‘hurricane ready’ and moved product to inland stores to serve evacuees.

CVS’s CSR & Philanthropy team has connected with the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Direct Relief in order to serve those in shelters. They are also ready to partner with PAI to support those in need. CVS can easily connect so we can work together. Their trailers will be on the roads as long as possible and will operate as soon as the storm passes and roadways are safe. If there is a need in shelters, CVS will put systems into place to serve those impacted.

Additionally, CVS will work to update their store closures lists as often as possible and will upload the information to, post on their site and communicate with PAI.

If you have any questions, please contact your PAI Account Executive.

T. Clayton Kelley, Director of Sales
Planned Administrators, Inc.
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