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CVS90 Saver Plus Program

The CVS90 Saver Plus program permits you to get 90-day supplies of your maintenance medications (drugs taken on a regular basis to treat chronic conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes) through OptumRx Home Delivery or at a CVS pharmacy – whatever is most convenient for you.

Each family member will be able to choose if they want to use home delivery or CVS for their prescriptions. And if they have multiple prescriptions, they can choose to have them filled in different ways – for example, one script at a CVS pharmacy and others via home delivery.

It’s important to use OptumRx Home Delivery or a CVS pharmacy for your maintenance medications – if you don’t, you’ll pay 100 percent of the full cost of the drug out of your own pocket. Also, the amount you pay will not apply toward your health plan’s deductible and/or out-of-pocket maximum.

You’ll still need to purchase your maintenance medications in 90-day quantities regardless of which option you choose.

How do I get started with OptumRx Home Delivery?

You need to set up a profile. Call 855-811-2218. Make sure to have this information available:

  • Your member ID number
  • The name of your drug(s)
  • Your doctor's name and phone number
  • The shipping address for your prescriptions
  • Your payment information

You may also call the Pharmacy Customer Service number on your member ID card and a representative will help transfer your medication(s) to OptumRx Home Delivery.

How do I transfer a prescription to CVS90 Saver Plus?

Call or visit any of the nearly 9,700 CVS Pharmacy locations and show your member ID card. You can also request to transfer your medications online by visiting All you need is the name of the medication along with the name and phone number of the transferring pharmacy.