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Mail Service Pharmacy Program

PAI has chosen OptumRx Home Delivery as our mail service pharmacy. If your plan includes a benefit for the mail service pharmacy, you can order up to a 90-day supply for most maintenance medications, also known as long-term medications, which can save you time. You also can save money because you'll have a smaller copayment for most medications when you purchase them through the mail service pharmacy instead of a retail pharmacy.

How to Get Started with the Mail Service Pharmacy

If this is your first time using our mail service pharmacy, follow these easy steps below:

Go directly to the OptumRx Home Delivery website or call 855-811-2218, a representative will assist you in getting started. Make sure to have this information available:

  •>  Your member ID number
   The name of your drug
   Your doctor's name and phone number
   The shipping address for your prescription
Your payment information


Ask your doctor to prescribe your medications for a 90-day supply, plus refills. (If you're already taking medication on a long-term basis, ask your doctor for a new prescription.)
Download a mail order form.
Complete the order form for each member submitting a prescription. Be sure to answer all of the questions.
Mail the form(s) to: OptumRx, P.O. Box 2975, Mission, KS 66201

Refill Your Prescriptions

OptumRx makes ordering refills or checking how many refills you have available very easy. Refills can be ordered online at, via the automated phone system, or by calling Customer Service. In addition,you will receive a reorder form with each shipment that can be mailed in for processing at your convenience. Once you register online, you will receive an email reminder when it’s time to refill your medication.