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2019 Pharmacy Information

Prescription drugs are a vital part of your health care coverage. CVS Caremark is PAI's preferred pharmacy benefit manager and the nation's premier integrated pharmacy services provider, combining one of the nation's leading pharmaceutical services companies with the country's largest pharmacy chain. The company fills or manages more than one billion prescriptions per year, more than any other pharmacy services provider.

Our prescription drug benefits cover medications through a network of contracting pharmacies that includes all national chains and most independent pharmacies.

All information represents an overview of coverage. It is not a complete list of what is covered or excluded. Information is subject to change. The full terms of coverage are located in your benefit materials.

Note: Not all Caremark benefit plans are the same. If you want to use a national chain pharmacy, please know that your benefit may restrict the pharmacy that you use. You should always check with your pharmacy to see if it is part of our network before you have your prescriptions filled.