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Getting the Most from Your Plan

What if you can't pay your medical bill?

PAI offers patient advocacy along with customer service so you don’t have to call an outside entity for this support. Our customer service representatives can explain how to use your benefits so you can make the best decisions about your options.

For example, if you can’t find an in-network provider, PAI can help you locate one, or our service team will negotiate a discount on the member’s behalf if no in-network providers are within a particular area. Because network discounts help you stretch your benefit dollars, we will make an outreach to recruit providers based on your feedback.

Because these are limited benefit plans, we understand that large bills may not be fully covered.  Ask us for help setting up payment plans with providers, and we can even contact the provider on the members’ behalf to discuss that option.  

We think you’ll agree--PAI puts the “CARE” in Essential StaffCARE with patient advocacy as part of its customer service.