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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Be Well Lifestyle Health Management – Coaching Support to Promote Healthier Habits

When it comes to managing chronic conditions, PAI is here for you. Our Health Coaching programs are designed to help you learn about illness and improve your quality of life. You have access to a personal health coach who will work with you to create a custom plan that can help you become your best self. Our team of nationally accredited coaches includes nurses, health educators, certified diabetes educators, respiratory therapists, dietitians and more.

Our health coaching is a confidential phone-based program that is available to you. Whether you want to manage stress, eat healthier, quit smoking or manage a chronic condition, coaching can help.

Coaching can help you:

  • Better understand your health risks or condition
  • Recognize early warning signs that may require medical attention
  • Understand your doctor's recommendations, medications and treatment
  • Gain more control over your well-being
  • Set goals for reach your healthy best

Health coaching is voluntary, and you can opt out at any time. As protection of your privacy is critical, during every call, you will be asked to verify your first name, last name, full mailing address and date of birth. Your personal information is kept strictly confidential.

These programs are included with your health benefit plan. Select any health coaching program to learn more and download resources.


Discount program

Back Care Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Back Health

Discount program

Maternity Care Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Maternity

Discount program

Tobacco Cessation Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Tobacco-Free Living

Discount program

Stress Management Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Stress Management

Discount program

Weight Management Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Weight Management