Health Assessments

Health Assessments with Rally Health

PAI is now offering Rally to our self-funded clients as a PAI product purchase option. Rally is a robust personal health assessment tool that allows the member to set up an account and engage in a self-paced program that encourages overall better health and wellness.

With Rally, members will receive personalized recommendations to get them moving more, eating better, and feeling great.

How to Use Rally

Members start by answering a few easy questions on the Health Survey. Rally will recommend simple activities, known as Missions, that members can incorporate into their daily routine. Participation in Missions earns Rally Coins, which are good for chances to win awesome rewards.

The Benefits of Rally

Rally understands that everyone is different, and when it comes to wellness, one size does not fit all. Rally can help members create a path to better health that's as unique as they are. 

Rally Age

Based on the members' responses to the Health Survey, members will get their Rally AgeSM, a straightforward measure of their overall health.


Completing the Health Survey also provides members with Missions – simple things they can do to improve their diet, fitness, and mood.


Challenges are a fun way to push members and earn rewards. Members can compete with others using a tracking device to count their steps on virtual courses.


Members earn Rally Coins by taking healthy actions and using them for a chance to win great rewards, like fitness devices, gift cards, and more!

Learn About Rally Engage

This short video captures how Rally can help your employees to improve and maintain their health.

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