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Wilson Senior Care

Service is not just about delivering a solution, but making it as successful as possible. Claire Weston, a PAI Account Executive, has worked closely on WSC’s account for years. Weston understands that self-funded groups like WSC have the goal of delivering an attractive insurance plan to their employees; but, what makes PAI stand out among the other agencies is commitment to service.

Claire explained, “Wilson Senior Care has a mix of employees. In 2009 they decided to add a High Deductible Health Plan. This plan offers a lower premium while remaining robust. At first employees were afraid to move away from the copay plan, so uptake was small.” Claire knew that it was going to take some extra TLC for employees to feel comfortable.

“To make sure that members understood the new plan, I went onsite to every location to explain and answer questions. Then, behind the scenes, we were doing audits to ensure accurate processing of the new plan design.”

Claire added, “It was a challenge but we came through shining. Enrollment in the High Deductible Plan has increased each year.”

PAI continued to work closely with WSC’s broker and together they developed a strategy to encourage employees to embrace healthy lifestyles. Claire helped WSC implement a variety of PAI’s health management programs. She used the same personal approach to ensure the programs were successful. She did a series of onsite “lunch and learns” for employees that focused on wellness. The “lunch and learns” allowed Claire to get to know many of WSC’s employees on a first-name basis while simultaneously supporting WSC’s corporate goals.

“It is comforting to know that PAI values customer service over all else,” said Lula Wallace, Wilson Senior Care’s payroll and benefits coordinator. “It is exemplified from their marketing department all the way down to claims processing. We truly value the personal attention we receive when the need arises or when we, internally, want to do some promotions of the products we offer.”

Wallace added, “Claire, or any of the other team members, comes out and help us market the services that we deliver through PAI. We could not be the premier healthcare provider that we are without the excellent benefits that we provide to our employees through PAI. Thanks for everything in the past and we are just as excited moving forward."

“I do love resolving things as quickly as possible for my clients,” said Claire. “Whether it’s claims issues or getting answers to questions about health care reform, PAI is about not just delivering a solution, but making it as successful as possible.”