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Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict

Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict in Greenville, SC came on board with PAI in July of 2012. To date, the group is extremely happy with the decision, foremost with bottom-line evidence of savings. Savings in the group’s first year with PAI led to a significant 42% reduction in cost per employee.

Parker Sewer and Fire described the group’s implementation with PAI as “flawless.” Parker Sewer and Fire siad, “Jennifer McDonald had the knack of helping our Board of Commissioners, individuals who are very diverse, understand health insurance. No one has ever done that.”

Jennifer, a Senior Account Executive at PAI, also impressed Parker Sewer and Fire with PAI’s helpful information about health care reform and support with the changes the group needed to make.

“PAI is about making it as easy as possible for groups to be self-funded,” Jennifer explained. “Communications is a big part of the service we provide.”

That communications includes meaningful data about claims utilization. For example, Parker Sewer saw a 78.1% generic drug dispensing rate and knew that their members understood the savings of asking for generic drugs. “Transparency into their plan is what self-funded groups need to manage their plan,” said Jennifer. “We are here to help them get the greatest savings possible, while keeping their members happy.”