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Grace Management Group

For family-owned business Grace Management Group, employees are viewed as an extension of family. So, the business owners pay close attention to the experience their employees have with their benefits, from accuracy of claims payments, to employees having easy access to the care they need, and of course, network savings.

“Grace Management was looking for ways to manage their plan cost by helping their employees with chronic conditions. They wanted their employees and their family members with issues, including diabetes, asthma or cardiac conditions, to access care more easily and for that care to be affordable,” said Dawn Templeton, PAI Account Executive.

“PAI helped them implement a benefit plan that incentivized employees for using an on-site clinic, and included no-copays for prescriptions to help them control their condition.”

Like Grace Management Group, many of PAI’s groups choose to be self-funded to have the flexibility to design their benefits to fit their goals. But self-funding can seem complicated for groups coming from traditional insurance plans.

“My job is to help groups unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of stop loss reinsurance understand the value of PAI’s preferred carriers,” said Dawn. “PAI is able to offer a competitive selection of stop loss carriers that meet the preferred standards.”

Since taking on the account in 2007, Dawn Templeton has become a welcome liaison to the Grace Management Group “extended family.” She personally explained benefits at employee meetings and meets often with the management and their insurance agents to help them stay abreast of health care reform implications.